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Leisure Pools has a long history of offering its swimming pools in a range of colored gelcoats. More than a decade ago, Leisure Pools introduced Aquaguard® colored gelcoats into the North American market — at a time when most manufacturers only offered the stereotypical white-colored swimming pools. The initiatives of Leisure Pools in the North American market have facilitated a change in industry standards, and continues to be one of the catalysts driving the increase of market share for the composite fiberglass pool industry.

If you’re looking for something different than the standard composite fiberglass pool — something a little bit special — then this is the color range for you! Each color within the Leisure Pools SMART range include a built-in sparkle that sets off an added brilliance and shimmer effect. No matter what color you choose, when the light shines over your Leisure Pool, it will appear to have millions of diamonds scattered across the pool surface.

The Leisure Pools SMART Color Range not only looks beautiful, but also has excellent UV, blister, and chemical resistance, and is backed by the largest supplier of gelcoats for the swimming pool industry.




These colors are given an added brilliance by having an built-in sparkle and shimmer effect.

In different lights your pool will look like it has millions of diamonds scattered over the pool surface.


Aquamarine    CrystalBlue    DiamondSand    EbonyBlue    GraphiteGrey    SapphireBlue

Eco Friendly

The Leisure Pools SMART Color Range is a new generation of premium, high performance gelcoat combining advanced performance and dramatically reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, as a consequence of extremely low styrene contents of less than 28% by weight.

This gelcoat provides up to 50% less VOC emissions than standard gelcoats making it better for the environment over traditional gelcoats used in fiberglass swimming pools.


SMARTColours -Elegance1      SMARTColours -Frog      SMARTColours -Moroccan1




The performance of the gelcoat color of the swimming pool is a very important performance factor of a swimming pool. In that respect, Leisure Pools takes no chances and sources its gelcoat color from Nuplex, the global leader in gelcoat technology for swimming pools.

By way of background:

  • Nuplex is a Public Company listed on the Australian and New Zealand Stock Exchange.
  • Nuplex have an annual turnover of in excess of $1.6 billion with 22 manufacturing sites supplying customers in over 85 countries. Nuplex is a proven leader in the composites industry.
  • Nuplex developed Aquaguard gelcoat over 17 years ago enabling Nuplex to demonstrate a proven track record in gelcoat performance.
  • Nuplex Aquaguard gelcoat demonstrates excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance.

Leisure Pools believes that after 17 years of in-field performance and continued research and development by a team of chemists, Nuplex gelcoat colour provides the swimming pool owner with complete peace of mind in the performance of the swimming pool.


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